Dilamar (lagi)
Bagaikan petir disiang bolong, seperti biasa me with my rutinity doing profession practice’s report. 12PM is time to dad lunch and then he came, he told me something serious and I was wondering what is that?

Dad told me that “Nia, someone asks me to give you becoming his wife. Also his parents”

Gimana ya, dalam Hal ini terkadang Kita pasti digasu (dilanda galau super) tapi Karena inshaAllah sudah menetapkan hati sama Satu orang Nia jawab

InshaAllah Nia nunggu ******* pa

Mungkin ini namanya cobaan, atau rahasia Allah..



Social media


 good vibes for urself

As much as improvement of social media, it makes us get easiness to access social. But it has 2 impacts for our lives. The good and the bad impact, I’m going to explain what the good and the bad one
The good one is,
It’s easy to show the world who you are and if you’re talented, social media give you an easiness to make u up being a star. But as a star you need to make ready psycally and mental. Netizen gonna kepoing you.. comment.. and else. Kind of bad impact.

Anyway, you need to find ur self first then you can play social media because social media gives you everything, it hasn’t filter and all u need is self control and make ready ur self. Now everybody just like a star 😁 hmm I don’t think social media makes me comfortable with it’s own good and bad impact. Honestly I am not kind of social, Idk maybe I had a lot of bad experience about social so it looks so scary me.

I prefer to write all the thing about human phenomenon and motives, human needs and realities. It could be start from my story or my client’s story. Social media have attracted me looking deeply about it’s fuction as a tool to make easy human in every situation. Easy to make relationship, easy to find something, easy clarifying problem and much more.

Actually iam intensely using instagram but the more I am using instagram the more I feel uncomfortable 🤔

Bad experience makes me be more careful of choosing friends

I usually block people who make my life becoming worst and have no benefit to my personality growth. Just for sharing, I once met a person he looks so humble outside and I am feeling so amaze. He has no negative things I guess, but someday I got unlucky days becoming his partner to do my profession practice as psychologist. At the first contract he treated me like I am mental disorder and giving full emphaty and we make rules that we need to be open each other’s (that a big bullshit true) and then hmm I smell something wrong, actually he wasn’t sincerely sincere. I am Javanese anyway because I am Javanese and I know what Javanese culture I decide to avoid him (javanese the original one doesn’t tell their hates to you but he tells behind you) so I don’t tell all of my story since I know he wasn’t like the outside.

I am so grateful of my decision. When I was end my profession practice I plan to organize everything by my own because I don’t want to have any business with him. But he invited me to organize everything. Hmm alright.. I accepted because I know he had financial problem from his friend (you know in this part he broke the rule to be open each other, this is make my hipothesis becoming true right) and I don’t know what the hell his problem and he was screaming out loud in front of me and then he said me just like an animal dog f*ck you (in Bahasa) and he brought my dad just like “I don’t brave with ur daddy” OMG true he wasn’t confident with his self when he brought my daddy at his anger, he wasn’t like what I see in the outside right? And then I decided to stop becoming his friend, he was hurting me when he brought my daddy I never brought parents when I fight someone it’s too stupid gak level. And then 5seconds later he apologized. Hmm I didnt think that he was sincerely sincere because he wasn’t like the outside see what I mean? So true

Next day I met my friend from the office, she said “what happened Nia? No nothing. Just got some stupid experience” did u war with him? Yash. I told him to apologize but he looks like don’t want to say it” haha just like I thought before that all he did was just make his name becoming good and think that everything because my mental disorder.

And the next day, my friend came from jambi and he was asking me with him. Guess what he said “Nia was die, I notice you to be careful of Nia. She is bad” hahaha who is the bad one anyway? If he was true of his apologized he doesn’t tell him like that but? Dia dendam 😁

I got shoke and took an experience from this case about, “pencitraan is exist” . Just for your information, I am not telling you that all of javanese is bad well I am javanese anyway. But be a smart javanese in this era. If you don’t like someone just tell her. If you don’t want to tell her at least keep in ur self not say to others. Not to make people hate me. It shows you that you’re more bad than I think.

This case is making me to believe that choose friend is important. And I believe I have Allah, even human couldn’t see the truth. Allah is knowing all. I don’t need human’s attention. Allah is enough for me😉

I am healing others but I was victim tho

Self reflection

Like I said before I had a lot of bad experience especially social. I got trauma and much more, it impacted all of aspect in my life one of them is language. I detected my self using english when I got problem how to say something.

Some word that I use, when it comes to people they told me it’s kind of sarcasm. Anyway I wouldn’t filter my word because all the thing that I’ve said was real. So do I have to change it? Yes I do. I do.. I will change it when I talk to my client not for my enemy or fake friends.

I’ve been treated by my lecturer she is psychologist. I came to her because i faced problem that distrubing my academic at the time. And she was give me little question and when she was ask me about my senior high school’s friends I don’t say anything ” I was cry” and that’s the point, friends you need to know that bully is a crime. It couldn’t make your money lost, it couldn’t make ur body unwell, but it’s a long term impact. We have no mental disorder machine or detector except psychologist. We would be aware if everything was just happened and impacted to our socials and personalities.. everything just late. I was late healing my self 😢 cause now I have so much worry at social, introvert, I have no trust anyone. I wish that I am the only who feels it and I wish that there is no people who get this bad experience.

Dear friends you can start making or using good habit in social to stop blaming someone hardly, stop planning labrak (it happens a lot at school) and stop making group to blame someone.

Better use your energy to make good circle or make a plan to achieve something with your informal group. Not to spread bad vibes and giving so much mentals terror


Ketika diri ini berubah menjadi sangat gusar, penuh keluh dihati. Ya Allah apakah hamba telah bergerak menjauh dariMu? Apakah hamba meragukan kuasaMu? Apakah segala rencana yang Engkau susun untuk hamba menjadi sakit untuk hamba terima?

Ya Allah.. lindungi hati dan jantung ini dari segala prasangka, jangan biarkan ujian menjadikan hamba tidak taat denganMu ya Allah. Jangan biarkan hati ini menjadi batu sebab tiada cinta yang Engkau beri untuk melunakkan hati ini ya Allah.

Engkaulah tempat hamba berpulang.. ya Allah sungguh hamba merindukanMu, hamba berlindung kepadaMu dari godaan dunia. Tuntun hamba untuk mampu menjadi Ikhlas.. tuntun hamba menjadi pribadi yang Ikhlas.. ajarkan hamba ya Allah arti Ikhlas..

Apakah hamba terlalu mengenggam erat apa yang hamba miliki dan tidak ingin itu pergi?

Ya Allah.. ampuni hamba, jika memang apa yang hamba sukai adalah tidak baik. Hamba ikhlas untuk merelakannya. Jika memang apa yang hamba tidak sukai adalah baik.. pula hamba ikhlas untuk menerimanya..

Berjalan menuju padaMu

Melewati berbagai ujian agar mendapatkan tempat terbaikMu

Mendapatkan cintaMu ya Rabb

Tuntun hamba ya Rabb..

ayah of the day

“Know you not that Allah knows all that is in the heaven and on the earth? Verily, it is (all) in the Book (Al‑Lawh Al‑Mahfooz). Verily, that is easy for Allah”(Quran, al-Hajj 22:70)

In Saheeh Muslim (2653) it is narrated that ‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say: “Allah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.” Everything happens by the will of Allah. Whatever He wills happens, and whatever he does not will does not happen.

belajar memahami kebutuhan diri

cara terbaik untuk menjadi tetap shalihah adalah berkumpul dengan orang orang shalihah

dulu saya pernah ditanya oleh seorang laki laki yang hendak mendekati saya, tetapi dia tidak berasal dari liqo dan pada waktu itu saya masih rajin liqo “gak adil kalau orang orang kaya kamu bergaulnya sama yang itu itu aja, ya kalian dapat yang seperti kalian. kenapa gak bergaul sama kami.. aku ga setuju orang baik dapat yang baik, shalihah dapat yang salih. memangnya kami nggak salih kalau ga ikut begituan” begitu ujarnya. kemudian saya menjawab, “saya kurang faham, tetapi jika memang yang kamu maksud shalihah mendapatkan yang tidak liqo tidak papa. bukan tentang liqo itu salih atau salihah, siapa yang memahami kadar iman dan kesolehan seseorang? meskipun hendaknya terpancar dari perilaku dan perbuatannya mungkin contohnya dengan liqo. tetap Allah yang lebih memahami” dan kemudian ia menyahut kembali.. “kalau orang orang seperti kalian tidak berbaur dengan kami atau yang lain, bagaimana kami bisa berteman bahkan mendekati. kami ingin mendekat tetapi kalian seakan memberi jarak” dan saya jawab “tidak semua seperti itu, ini buktinya saya menjadi temanmu.. mungkin mereka dan aku bahkan ingin tetap terjaga. kami ingin tetap ada di lingkungan terbaik karena mungkin jika kami tidak dilingkungan ini, kami tidak terkontrol” dan masih banyak percakapan yang membuat saya menyadari bahwa lingkungan yang baik akan membawa dampak yang baik bagi diri kita. saat ini saya merasakannya, ketika Allah meletakkan saya pada lingkungan ghibah dan hati saya sangat gusar karena saya takut terpapar dan menjadi seperti penikmat ghibah. lingkungan shalihahlah tempat saya berpulang..

bagiku, satu hal yang paling menakutkan di dunia ini adalah berada di lingkungan atau zona yang mampu menjauhkan diriku dari Allah.