i miss Allah.. you know when you feel like you lost any hope and dont know what should you do. shalat and read quran are the best choice you can do. but when you cant do both, what should you do? ya you can do dzikir or remembering ur fav surah. it helps you to make ur heart calm. guys, i said “you” it doesnt mean this is only for you who feels like that, restless and lost desire to do anything, hope, but its for me also, i wouldnt say that i am better than you, remember this.. when iblis said that they are better than human. they feel better than anyone! they dont want to hear Allah.. so? will we do it like iblis did? naudzubillah..

one thing that we should aware.. we are only human. we can do many many mistakes and we cant be better than anyone.. (dont use this in academic, different context) but when we do some good things, remember.. in the other side of this world, is too many many humans better than us. so, dont ever say that you better than her or him. merendah lebih baik. ingat Allah..


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