today and yesterday “amazing one” i called it “holiday”


hi guys. yesterday I visited to X-company with  my friends. and yesterday i didnt get anything like new information and something like that.. and psychologist job didn’t appear there. It makes me sure that i will stay at clinical psychology

and yesterday

i got a meaningful experience with my friends on the bus. we didnt get knowledge from the X-company doesn’t mean we sad. i called it “holiday”. we came to the X-company and we got lunch (we brought the lunch by our money) and after lunch we did sholat. and get in the class meeting quickly. we watched X-company video like introduce the company. oh wait. we got a free soft drinks yeah it doesnt mean something -__-

next we walked arround the company and we saw the machine bottle and human resource just 15minutes and back to the bus quickly. 

It was so waww. especially on our trip from Jogja to Semarang and Semarang to jogja. the views are so beautiful there. singing and laughing together on the bus. we saw another bus next to our bus. there is a high school students bus. they are very cute! they use stylish glasses and get our attention because why did they use the glasses on the bus? but we just having laugh. My friends said hello loudly and tell them “you looks idiot haha and we forget that we are students of psychology  major and we did bully -_- but it was fun hehe

and i took a pict there. before and after.

this is our breakfast


and the beautiful view

magelang - semarang

VIEW SEMARANG IMG-20130625-05474

and me with my friends before leave the campus

Umbulharjo-20130625-00362jhappiness bus hoho

Magelang Utara-20130625-05432 Ngaglik-20130625-05424 Magelang Utara-20130625-05435

SPBU SEMARANG IMG-20130625-05449

just write anything moment you have and you will get the happiness after read it again.  

And dont forget to be grateful ^^


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